Well, this is just a personal opinion now, and that doesn’t mean that it’s what I’m saying is that things are better or worse, but as a comparison. And this is a somewhat distant view because I haven’t been to a lot of the conferences with, but I hearken back to when I got into the zoo profession, started as a keeper at the Kansas City Zoo in 1957, most zoo people were animal-oriented people. And AZA people at the time, all directors were pretty much animal people. And those who maybe didn’t start out as animal people seemed to have absorbed enough animal knowledge that they could talk the language. And that’s why we were doing what we were doing. As AAZPA then eventually became AZA over the years, the membership categories changed a lot of, and I’m not saying this is bad, but just different. A lot of non-animal people got in to be on the senior level of membership and they’re important people, financial people, public relations people, whatever. And now the last conference I went to was the regional, or kind of a mid-year, I guess you call it, at Oklahoma City.