Now I want you to visualize that you’re in Africa on safari. And if it’s not dark enough, then close your eyes, and you’re snuggled up in your tent in the middle of the night, and here’s what you hear. And then I played the, woo, whoop! Woo, whoop, woo, I said, “That’s a hyena.” And then we showed the skull, showed the track, explained about the social structure, the dominance of the females, explain how difficult it is to determine the sexes externally, because the genitalia is similar, et cetera, et cetera. Then I explained about the dung and I had a small chalkboard, and I said, “This is even used as chalk.” So on the chalkboard, I wrote security benefit. (Gary laughing) And the board chairman said, “There’s been a lot of shit going on in this room, but nothing like this.” (chuckles) And we got the money. (Gary laughing) Again goes to marketing and knowing yourself- Well, yeah. Yeah. Well, if you’re gonna make a pitch, if you’re gonna hit somebody up for money, make it interesting, and make it so they can relate to it, and what it’s all about, well, I would see somebody at a function, at a meeting or something that worked there, but wasn’t at that meeting.