I didn’t have to put up with politics and bureaucracy, and (chuckles) so on, in doing that. But anyway, so I vowed to never look over my shoulder. Now because I was here for 26 years, and because this is a smaller community, and because the position of the director is kind of a glamorous thing that’s all in the news a lot, even though I was no longer zoo director, in people’s minds, they associated me with the zoo. I remember one time, George Speidel, who was director of the Milwaukee County Zoo for many years, he and I were talking and he said, “You know, once you retire, you should move out of the community in which you were zoo director for a long time, just make a clean break.” And that was probably good advice. Pretty good advice. But my situation was, I love Topeka. My kids were raised in Topeka. Several of my kids were still in Topeka. My grandkids were in Topeka.