They were the opposite of Kansas City. Not much on hoofstock, more limited on carnivores, better on great apes maybe, but they were just building the then new herpetarium. And my first task was to help the rush to open the new exhibit. Every single goes through that, was to go help decorate and paint and finishing touches on the new herpetarium, which, as we talk today, is now gone, and the new MOLA, Museum of Living Art, is what they call the new harp is there But what fun it was, because that was a very innovative, imaginary building, imaginative building at the time. So that was fun, and to work with those guys. And less than a year later, during my first year there, the zoo hosted the midwinter AAZPA meeting. And Topeka came down, the park commissioner from Topeka, and park superintendent came down and made the offer to come to Topeka and when I started out, I wanted to be a keeper until I was at least 30, because I wanted that much time directly with the animals. And I felt I needed that to learn about the animals.