Number one, be upfront, be candid, be honest. Don’t try to pull any punches. Number two, no surprises. I mean, if we had an animal death, if it was 09:30 at night, and we discovered that the polar bear, the old polar bear that we knew it was in the last days, long-term, longtime resident of the zoo, had a name. Everybody knew him, and fathered a number of cubs, been at the zoo 25 years or whatever. And if it was 09:30 and the keepers called and said, well, he passed away, I immediately would call the park commissioner and the park superintendent and say sorry to bother you at home. But I wanted you to know before you hear it on the news, no surprises, I think that’s, you don’t want. But the other side of that coin is I always try to, I don’t mean to say insulate the zoo, but I try to protect the zoo from too much interference.