I’m sorry, I got a little off the subject there, but the animal activist situation, it’s a very emotional thing. And if you’re passionate about zoos and animals in zoos, it’s so easy to get agitated with these people. But my thought has always been, first of all, they have a particular viewpoint. I don’t agree with that viewpoint, but I should respect their viewpoint. Second, I’ve always felt it’s good to be civil with these people, to try to relate to them on a polite and pleasant basis, and respect them. But thirdly, I think if I believe in zoos and what zoos are doing, I’m going to espouse that philosophy and all the good things that are happening with zoos and, I guess, if it doesn’t satisfy them, I’ll just have to accept that. But I don’t see being antagonistic, I guess, is what I’m saying. I don’t see having a public battle, who’s right, who’s wrong.