For example, Topeka is a small committee, 120,000, city limits 160,000 metro area, but we’re the state capital. So as the state capital, I feel we maybe have more of a responsibility to have a broader collection, a more generalized collection. You take a smaller zoo, like Emporia, which is an accredited zoo with AZA, 50 miles down the turnpike, they’re specializing in waterfowl, among other things, and doing a beautiful job of it. And some predatory birds as well. That’s a good example. I think a zoo needs to evaluate itself with reference to the community, what the community is, and then that should reflect what the zoo is. Zoos today, in many cases, are afraid to confront the animal welfare, the rights groups that are anti-zoo. We have people in top positions in our field who seem in line with the non-biologist.