And, boy, he made a ton of money selling peanuts in the shell, but what a mess. On Monday morning, you were almost ankle deep walking through peanut shells, ’cause people would eat ’em too. So we’d have to get out the oversized firehoses, we’d come in early, come in at 07:00, work till eight o’clock Sunday night, take the bus or the streetcar home and be out there at seven o’clock Monday morning, the oversized firehoses. And those things are powerful. I mean, what water pressure. I’d hook ’em up to the fire plug and (Gary mimics fire hose spraying) blast that walks down, peanut shells clog up all the top of the drains and shovel those off. And peanut shells are really heavy when they’re wet too. But, boy, by noon, that zoo sparkled.