Yeah, small zoos or even medium-sized zoos, I think those that are dedicated zoos, do feel conservation is an important mission, an important function in addition to recreation education, so on. It’s a bigger challenge, but they can still do a lot of things. The very first thing that they could do, every zoo can do, no matter how large or how small, is conservation education. I think the first role of zoos in conservation is education. We are the ones that people look to for knowledge and awareness of conservation matters and the status of animals, and their needs. So that’s the first thing we can do. The second thing, I think we can instill a stewardship value, in children especially, to be conscious of our world, our environment, not just animals, but plants in, the entire ecosystem, and to be aware of that, and preserving it for the future. But on a more practical level, smaller institutions can certainly be holding facilities.