It’s tough to raise money in Topeka, let me respond to private money in a minute. We don’t have a lot of corporate entities and the ones we do have have headquarters someplace else. For example, there’s a huge, a huge Goodyear Tire & Rubber plant here. They build tires that are as tall as this ceiling for all these earth-moving trucks. You go out and visit with them, and they say, “We love the zoo, but you know our headquarters are in Akron and they’ve got a zoo there, and that’s where most of our zoo money goes.” Well, I understand that. Hill’s Pet Products was, or Pet Nutrition, I guess they call ’em, Hill’s today, was the number one sponsor for us, ’cause their headquarters were here, an animal-oriented product and they supported us. But it’s a government town. It’s a state capitol and it’s an agricultural center.