And they did. And of course we let them, we named one of the tigers Tabor, T-A-B-O-R, Topeka Board of Realtors. (chuckles) And listen to this spontaneous response. So we’re trying to make fundraising of interest. When we were raising the money for the concrete trees for the orangs, then I came up with that to be in the tree fund, you could be, if you made a major contribution, you could be a branch manager, (chuckles) or you could go out on a limb or, I mean, stuff like that. But I could only do so much. That’s kinda small-time fundraising and fund fundraising. To do major fundraising, say in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, which we did for Lions Pride, which is almost a half a million dollars, Friend of the Zoo needed to do that. Now this is where I think we may have talked earlier about Friends of the Zoo and my relation, and how did it go.