So I thought, well, this is something new and different and be something for Friends of the Zoo to have a dynamic first project. So to try to, I think, fundraising, you need to make it interesting and get people involved. So I counted the stripes on a pair of tigers and figured out if, the tigers at the time was $2,000 for the pair, each stripe cost $20. So one of our keepers had a little artistic talent, so I had big piece of plywood, and I had him paint the outline of two tigers on it, and they had a little deal about $20 a stripe. And we got some PR on that. And every time we would get $20 worth of contributions to Friend of the Zoo, we’d pin another stripe on it. Kinda like United Way and their thermometer and stuff, same type of deal. Well, that was enough of an interest grabber that we were, I’m not even halfway there, and the Topeka border realtors, without me even going to them, I guess their board said, this is great, look what the zoo’s doing, let’s give ’em the rest of the money now.