I guess that’s just not the way I function. From the moment I came into town, everything that I thought was of interest, possible interest to the media, I’d let ’em know. And I tried to do it on a personal level, not a press release. A personal phone call to a radio station and say “If you wanna do an interview or you wanna come out, we’d be glad to work with you.” The television station, I’d say, “If your camera man’s coming, let us know ahead of time and we’ll help him get behind the scenes.” Or if they invited me to come out on a local talk show or something, I’d do that. And the newspaper, I would try to be conscious of their deadlines. I tried to be conscious, if it was immediate news, the birth of a giraffe or something, I call ’em right away. If it was something that would be of, what’s a general interest or a feature thing, then I would try to schedule it when I knew, I wouldn’t call them on a really, what’s gonna be a busy news day. ‘Cause like city council’s meeting tonight.