But I know George Vierheller at St. Louis, and they have a big reptile collection there. And I could probably get you on there. Or if you wanna be a general zoo man, then I’ll let you work with every species we have in all areas of the zoo. Not only learn ’em, but be the relief keeper, and so on.” Wow, so I had to make a decision. So fortunately, that whole ploy, can I think about it tonight? (laughs) So I thought about it all right, I thought, I love reptiles, and I don’t mean to say that I’ve outgrown them, but gosh, now I’ll get to work with all these other fabulous species. I just wanna be a general zoom man. So I told him and so he let me work on all these other species, although I still love reptiles very much. So I was really fortunate.