And I had to call the news media and explain that. And we did, and the reporter was very receptive. Didn’t gloss over, wrote it up, I thought fairly, but it’s a tragic accident, and it was. And rather than being criticized, I got mostly condolences. And even when the eagle eggs, sometimes the eagle eggs each year, one wouldn’t hatch or something, we’d get cards from kids saying, we’re sorry your Eagle eggs didn’t hatch. (chuckles) So the people were responsive for births and then deaths and all that, there were a lot of longevity, the old animal would live for many years and pass away, then people would say, God, it was a wonderful animal. I enjoyed so many memories from him. We’re sorry to see him go, or her, whoever it is. But I think it’s important that you you’ve got to be upfront and candid with the media.