They still are to this day, many giraffes born here. Not like Cheyenne mountain, which has, I guess, the world record, and we weren’t trying to duplicate that at all. We just wanted a successful breeding program for our giraffes. One of our young giraffes, oh, we don’t know how this happened, but, oh my gosh, we came in one morning and she had, the bars were like four inches on center from ground level to four feet up and then eight inches on center up above that. But this young giraffe had got her head through the eight inches on center bars, turned her head and as she pulled it back, her horns got caught. And instead of pushing her head up and coming back like this, she must’ve panicked, and her feet went out from under her, and she hung herself overnight. And we came in in the morning and here’s this beautiful baby giraffe, dead, hung itself. I was a terrible tragedy, I mean, the morale of the zoo, we all just hit rock bottom.