Zoo school, I loved our zoo school. And the concept was, I almost wish that we had a better word than school, but because everybody could relate to what the word school was, this was back in the 60s and 70s, and into the 80s, then we used school, and it’s kind of a rhyme zoo school, but zoo school was trained teachers. Now for zoo school, we actually had teachers from our local school district, but then they would be trained by the zoo staff to do zoo-oriented things. They were fabulous. And it was not just in a classroom, the whole zoo was the classroom. Although we did have the classroom. But the kids would be all over the zoo doing things. And the concept was, as I may have mentioned one time, the zoo’s the classroom, the animal’s the teaching aids, and the teacher there to help interpret, but it was the kids’ involvement and participation that was so important.