And people, George, the public loved him. And they’d sketch him on the chin and stuff. It was kind of scary in a way, but we did put a guard rail up. We had a father with his little boy one day come in after church, I guess, because it’s a Sunday, a little boy’s dressed up and a tapir can retromaturate, which means they piss backwards. And instead of just, and they not just, they don’t just really release this, or relax the sphincter muscle, and let gravity cause the flow of urine, but they will constrict it and squirt. And they can squirt, I dunno, 5, 6, 8, 10 feet and be fairly accurate. But this father with his little boy came and squatted down beside his little boy and talking about George and George turned around and (mimics swooshing) all over the father. And the little boy said, “Look, daddy, he baptized you.” (Gary chuckling) But we used to go in, it was routine to go in every day and feed the tapir, clean the tapir, scratch him.