I was in the hospital for a while and my left leg, he bit me in the left knee, inside the left knee, my left leg felt like somebody had run it through a meat grinder, then poured hydrochloric acid on it, and was taking a blow torch going up and down. And this was me being on morphine or whatever painkillers they had back in 1959, 1960. Even when the physician would lean down to examine it, just the breath from his nostrils was almost unbearable. Then it started swelling up like an overdone sausage, and he was afraid that the skin was just gonna rupture and split. And it was all these colors, purple and blue and yellow, so he did six incisions around my upper thigh, and I guess when the scalpel hit the skin, it’s, (Gary mimics swooshing) just like I say, like an overdone sausage. So I’ve got a couple of scars on the inside knee from the initial where, the old days, they would slice it and try to draw the blood out, and then six more around my upper thigh.