But that’s the way the public is. It’s wonderful. And Paul Linger, he was on our staff at the time. He said, “I tell you what, I know how to get those monkeys. Let’s just slip ’em a Mickey Finn. So we took some oranges and injected them with kind of a tranquilizers thing and put ’em at the base of the tree, backed up, man, they swarmed down like water down a funnel, grabbed those oranges, went up at top of the tree. We went around, stood at the bottom of the tree with this big net, waiting for the monkeys to eat the oranges, get sleepy and drop down into the net one by one. And now we all knew this, but it didn’t dawn on us, because the idea was so fantastic. When monkeys get drowsy, I mean, if you’re a buoy animal living in a tree, you gotta sleep sometime, you don’t wanna fall.