And they all knew we had Ka Bluey there and I could hear ’em whispering, “Oh, they’re gonna get to keep Ka Bluey. We’ll get to see the koala.” And I have a great surprise, so they came to the zoo and we wanted to show ’em the rainforest and then I kept saying, “Where’s our surprise?” Meaning I wanna see the koala. Took ’em down and they said, “Oh, Mr. Clarke, you’re so wonderful. Thank you for doing that.” Then I really just feel like a heel, because this was such a dirty trick, such a dirty, and they were such wonderful people. And they went into the building through the little channels and all the videos and all the education panels and the sign saying shh. And the docent on duty there going shh, and they all came in and looked up at the koala, oh, look, there he is. And one of ’em even said, “I think he moves.” (Gary chuckling) And they saw the leaves and the dung and they came out and I got up on a park bench and said, “I told you I had a surprise for you.” Oh, that was just so wonderful. I said, “No, the the surprise was, that’s not a real koala. (chuckles) Oh my God.