I called San Diego and said, a few days after Ka Bluey goes back, we’ve got all of these voluntary education zoo, 47 zoos across our country are gonna be in Kansas City. We wanna bring ’em to Topeka for a post-conference tour. And we’d love to show ’em Ka Bluey the koala. We won’t even open it to the public, just for them. And San Diego said, “No, he needs to come back.” So we saved koala dung. We saved some of the fresh eucalyptus leaves. I went out and bought a little stuffed koala. Put him in the tree, because they don’t move anyway, left all the educational signs up, left everything up, gave my keynote speech and said, “Now when you folks come to Topeka, we’ve got a great surprise for you.” I didn’t say we had a koala.