And I put it away and I kept thinking about it. And I think, heck, we’re the world famous Topeka Zoo, we could bring a koala in from San Diego. So I contacted ’em and said, “What’s involved?” And they sent me this, I mean, it was jillions of pages of requirements, and we had to be on the list and only so many went out a year and all this stuff, oh my gosh. And it was long shot, maybe even an impossibility, ’cause after that time, at least, we were the smallest to even considered trying to bring a koala in. So I reviewed, so I at a staff meeting, I said, “I wanna tell you about operation long shot.” And of course, the response or reaction was, oh my god, Clarke’s got another crazy idea, but let’s do it. (Gary chuckles) It’s great, these folks, we’d hit ’em up with some impossible thing and they’d say, “Let’s do it.” So we asked San Diego to send us all the requirements and we had to convert a whole building just for the koala. And I called it, I liken it to bring it in a rockstar. If you’re gonna book a rock star, you gotta paint a dressing room fuchsia, and you gotta have a six pack and 17 pizzas between acts and all, I don’t know what.