And it turns around, looks you in the eye, and horns are crossed over ’cause they’re not fused to the skull yet and oh my God, that was just so fabulous. But then she grew up and had babies of her own, so you get into second generation Topeka Zoo-born giraffes, and so on, that was fabulous thing. That was a fabulous thing. Opening a gorilla encounter was another, ’cause I think we were the first zoo to ever have a glass tunnel built through the outdoor gorilla yard. And we had all these previews for VIPs and donors, and so on. But today we opened, but the people came in through the front gate and we had a little traffic pattern where they would ride around, come into the gorilla tunnel, get into the glass tunnel. And once that was filled, but by then we had walkie talkies, that was a big deal. And I radioed the keeper, the gorilla keeper, Max was our big male gorilla, 400-pound beautiful specimen.