We were having a lecture, we used to have different zoo people come in, like Ron Blakely from Sedgwick County or whoever from so many zoos, and give lectures to the staff on their own time in the evening, and no obligation, but most of ’em showed up. And we were there, and we would go back and check to see how she was doing. And I think it might’ve even been Ken Kuwata who went back and came back up to the room and says, “She started having it.” Oh my gosh, we rushed back to the giraffe stalls and there she is in and the front hooves are out. And it was just such an exciting time to be there to see this magnificent animal deliver her offspring right there, and we were just all enthralled. And then of course when the baby drops and then it looks like it’s made out of rubber. It looked like the bones aren’t connected. The neck goes all like this and it tries to get up and you think it’s gonna hurt itself, and you’re all worried and concerned. And then about 30 minutes later, it stands up for the first time and there’s a silent cheer that goes up, ’cause you don’t wanna upset the animals.