(chuckles) My vision of being a zoo director was, I guess I kinda liked the European school of zoo directing, or we used the old European school, and maybe they don’t do it these days, but where they make the rounds every day. And I made the rounds every day. And I loved making the rounds. But as the zoo grew and as my responsibilities grew, and as my responsibilities as director changed, I made the rounds less, and I missed that. And I frequently had to make the rounds after normal working hours or when it was supposed to be my day off, which I didn’t mind. I was usually there seven days a week anyway. But it changed because I was more involved with politicians and boards and finances and fundraising and all of these things. The bigger the zoo got and the more complex it got, the further away I got from the animals, and I didn’t like that, ’cause I got into the zoo profession to be with animals and people.