The entire building where you walk in and it’s, it was almost taking a tropical greenhouse or a botanical garden, tropical exhibit, but developing it so you could incorporate animals as well, which means you gotta know which birds you’re gonna eat, which plants, which plants may be poisonous, certain animals, all of those things. And having the animals free-ranging throughout. My concept was not to have any standard cages, wire mesh or anything. Everything in free flight with two exceptions. One would be a yellow anaconda exhibit, the yellow anaconda’s smaller than the green anaconda. And then we would make a big enough exhibit be adequate for them, but wouldn’t have been maybe adequate for green. That would be glass-fronted, so you see underwater. And then for margay cats, instead of the mesh, we developed a stainless steel spider web, so that the barrier was a spider web for the cat and the spiders loved it.