So this was a new thing for a lot of the old timers at the zoo at the time. So we tried to incorporate a little more management practices. I mentioned the Sedgwick County tiger, which Ron Blakely is having us hold until he got his new tiger exhibit done. We got her crated up the morning ready to go, Sedgwick County Zoo sent their truck up and they’re ready to go and everything’s ready to go. And before we loaded the tiger, one of the keepers, one of our keepers looked in the crate and he said, “My gosh, there’s an opossum in the crate.” And a wild opossum in Gage Park had slipped through the bars of the tiger exhibit and gone into the crate into bedding. And we didn’t know it. And the tiger went in and we shut the door, secured it, load it on. So here was this Bengal tiger, this adult female Bengal tiger, ready to go down the turnpike to Wichita, to the Sedgwick County Zoo, and there’s an opossum laying in there.