Well, when I first came to Topeka, animal handling was more cowboy slash farm techniques than sometimes thinking about it or preparing the animal for it. And it was a lot of, the old days, you would push or prod, or use a hose or whatever. Instead of, for example, if we’re gonna, (chuckles) that makes me think of an incident too, transfer a tiger to Sedgwick County Zoo. I said, okay, now let’s get the shipping crate and hook it up so she that can go in and out whenever she wants to, bedding in there, don’t force her in, leave it up for a week. She goes in and out and gets used to it. Now let’s start feeding her in there, change a bit. Now she likes it in there and everything. And then today we’re gonna ship, when she goes in, then we could just close the door, secure it, put her on the truck, have all the veterinary certificates, and she’s on her way.