That was great, because they would, fall weather came, they would dig down and the spring came, they would come back up. I loved seeing that. But lots of things and a tarantula, and a boa constrictor named Julius Squeezer or Victor The Constrictor, or whatever you wanna say. Anyway, so she was very tolerant to this. Although I do remember, I wanted to work in a zoo so bad. So like I said, when I was 16, I went out, and Mr. Cully said, “no, you can,” this is in Kansas City Zoo, “No, you’ve gotta be 18 to work in a zoo.” And at 18, I went out, and I got the job and I came back and it’s like it was, I dunno what it was 97 cents an hour or something like that. I said, “Mom, I got the job at the zoo.” And she says, “Oh son, I know you love animals, but can’t you do something else with your career?” (Gary laughs) No. That’s what I wanna do. Okay, okay. So she was very tolerant, yeah.