Yes. (laughs) When I was a youngster, we lived in Kansas City, Missouri, in 7,700 block of Summit Street in a very small little one-wood-frame house. And my mother was extremely tolerant, bless her soul, because I was one of these kids in the neighborhood, a lot of zoo people, I’m sure, were like this, started out with every injured squirrel and every bird with a bad wing, and so I would bring it home. And I had virtually a zoo in the backyard. And of course once that happens, then the neighborhood says, oh, that kid down the street will take care of this. And they’ll find some little orphaned animal or whatever. And so some animals came to me for that reason. And we were kind of a rehab center. And then others, I wanted to see and understand and study, like a colony of box turtles in the backyard.