If we’re gonna be zoos and aquariums, let’s do it.” And they agreed, and today, we are. So that was how we started. And then Bob Wagner, no, let’s see. We started, and I said, “I can’t offer this out of Topeka.” The lady who used to be within NRPA that was the staff person assigned to oversee AAZPA was Peg Dankworth. And she was willing to quit NRPA and become our full-time executive secretary. And she said, “I’ll do it for three years.” But she did it with, and Wheeling, the park system in Wheeling, West Virginia gave us office space that became our headquarters. And she did it. And three years later, kept her word and said, “Okay, I’m out of here.” And then Bob Wagner, who was director of the zoo in Jackson, Mississippi, he came on board and became the executive director.