Well, the paid professional staff was very important, but in a different context, but just as important, were the volunteers. I mean the docents and our zoo school teachers, my gosh, without them, our zoo never would have, would never have reached into the community on a personal level and extended the zoo into the community as much as we did without the docents and the zoo school teachers. I always thought that giving tours of the zoo is great. I love to do that myself, but I couldn’t do all of ’em. And to have, it started really through the junior league here in town, because these were young women who, many of them were able to give time during the day. If they had young children in school, then they had time during the day that they could devote to volunteer activities or community activities. And so we wanted the zoo to be one of those desirable places to be. And with our staff conducting the classes, the docents loved the classes.