Well, I met some famous zoo people. (chuckles) Marlin Perkins, one. Charlie Schroeder, who I always considered a famous new person, he’s a great guy and he came to Topeka, and he always kinda shrugged his shoulders and held his hand down and, “Well, I tell you, Gary, I’ve never seen a zoo do it quite like this, but it works.” (chuckles) That’s great. Ted Reed was extremely helpful to me. The one famous person outside the zoo world is this fellow named Ken Blanchard. He lives in San Diego. He is a management guru. He wrote this book, “The One Minute Manager,” and a lot of other books since then. And he came to town for a seminar and I was on the committee to help bring him in and elected to go out to the airport and pick him up and did so, and we had a great time at the zoo. And since then, he’s been on safari with me a number of times and mentioned me in some of his books and on his website and channeled people to me, and so on.