A major event during my career that affected zoos in general, and of course, the world famous Topeka Zoo, oh gosh. A major event, hmm. Well, I don’t know if it’s a major event, but I think economic impact had played a big role, what was it, proposition 13 or something in California, when park departments and zoos had to start restructuring how they finance themselves. It doesn’t affect us in Kansas as much, but that’s impact. I would say zoos, the concept of zoos breeding more of their own animals, and not bringing animals out of the wild, that’s been very important and we wanted to be a part of that and be producers, not consumers all the time. And another thing was early on, and when I was at the zoo early on, we, back in 1966, when we put in the large primate units, we used that glass. And that the glass, I think glass has been a great thing for zoos. You can be nose to nose with a 400=pound gorilla or a lion, with the king of beasts, or whatever.