And Mike Le Roux was in Vietnam at the time. He eventually came back and worked his way up to zoologist, assistant director, and after I left, he was director for a while. He read it in Stars and Stripes, Pacific Stars and Stripes. So we started getting all these, this is long before all the internet and all this modern communication, all these clippings from all over the world. So at a staff meeting one day, I said, “Well,” I said to the secretary, I had a secretary by then, I said to the secretary, “Next time you answer the phone, answer it world famous Topeka Zoo.” So she did, everybody kinda, you know, so she did, and the person on the line was local and they said, “Hey, you’re right, because my cousin in Denver’s heard about us. We must be world famous. (chuckles) So it caught on. And what it was, it was a source of pride for the local community, but it caught on. It wouldn’t work someplace else because here’s this little old zoo in a Kansas prairie and they’re world famous, it’s great.