And it was wonderful to see all these folks come out. In fact, the zoo got an award from the Shawnee County Mental Health Association. And that’s the things a zoo should do, in my opinion. But building a new building, bringing the animals in and to raise the money for the animals, we had a program called Operation Noah’s Ark, in which, through the Capital-Journal Newspaper in town, we got a series of sponsors, mostly food products, a bakery, and a potato chip manufacturer, and a soda pop bottler, so on. And if you would save the product label, buy that, and save it and deposit it in one of our local super oil stations, each product label counted for a point and we would get 50,000 points, then the sponsors would buy a hippo for us or a giraffe or a pair of chimps or whatever we needed at the time. And the community responded. We would get at least 50,000 every month, sometimes 100,000 points. In fact, our last month we got 300,000 points.