And they would bring their families out and say, we worked on this at the zoo. We worked on that at the zoo. In fact, we even started having a, once the Friends of the Zoo was formed, that was another thing, ’cause then the Friends of the Zoo gave us funds that the city didn’t have for little things, such as a thank you picnic for park department employees and their families. So the summer in the evening, they would all come out and we’d showed ’em the new stuff and take ’em around and say, your father helped weld this, whatever it is. And that was another thing that I thought was very important. But education was high on my mind. And so in this new building, the Large Mammal Building, which we started planning in 1964, and then got approval, and it opened in 1966, we built an education room in there. That was the first official education facility of any kind, and all it was, it was a 60-seat classroom with these folding chairs with the little arm that comes up.