Things don’t happen that way very often nowadays. So I met with the mayor. So I had enough sense to ask him a few, He naturally asked, “Well, what are you up to and what do you want, young man?” And I was very short. And I said, “We have this opportunity and we need that money approved.” And he said, “Oh, yes, it’s right here.” He said, “I’ve been looking at it and wondering about it.” And then he said, “My wife keeps peacocks.” And I didn’t know that, I hadn’t done my homework, and that was a good lesson. And so I said, “Oh, really?” He said, “Yes, she’s got about 30-something birds in our backyard, and she’d raised them all from one pair that she got when we moved here from Moloka’i in 1924. And she knows, she’s given each one its own name, and she knows their personalities.” And he said, “I’d like you someday to get to look at our birds.” And I of course said, “Yes, Mayor Wilson. I’d be very happy to do that.” And so he approved it that same day.