How do we speed things up to get the okay on the funding?” And looking back on it, of course, the funding was a very small amount, but a very crucial timing small amount. So this is an example of Ed Lyon’s skill as an administrator. Here, I am a resident of Hawaii, less than a year, no Hawaiian ties, except those I just developed during my short time here. And he said, you go down with Mayor Wilson and you explain to him. He said, “I’ve discovered that the supervisors have approved that budget request for the San Diego Zoo planner to come. You go down to Mayor Wilson and explain the urgency and tell him.” And I said, “Gosh, Mr. Lyons, you’ve known him for years.” And he said, “No.” I said, “Please, you do it.” And he said, “No, you’ve made the arrangement. You go tell him about the arrangements and why it’s important.” So he said, “I’ve just called his secretary and she’s expecting you to call,” so I did. And she set up an appointment the next morning.