Since it’s unbudgeted in our park department budget, we’ll have to get separate funds through the mayor’s office.” And the mayor at that time was an old Hawaiian guy. And he was old more than just because I was only 24. He was in, I’d say 60-something. And he had been mayor in Honolulu in the ’20s when Ben Hollinger, he’d actually been the mayor that had the fist fight with Ben Hollinger back in probably 1920. And here it is, 1947, 27 years later. And so whatever the money that Ralph Verden needed was very small, nothing like paying the Jones and Jones or (indistinct), any of these guys nowadays. It was just basically living expenses, transportation on the ship, on the Matsonian, the Matson cruise liners, and which it took a week, each day. That’s two weeks out of his two months.