How long can you let him lose for, can you lend him to us, and how much would it be?” And she said, “I’ll get back to you.” And she did. So I immediately, communication has been the complete key to anything that works. And I think I’m not unique in discovering that, but communication was absolute, immediately and open. And despite the exhilaration of all the new things, we had a lot to accomplish in a hurry. So I went to Ed Lyons, my new boss, who I never called Ed. Just up until the time he died, it was always Mr. Lyons and Mrs. Benchley. Things are different now, and I said, “Wow.” She says that we can borrow, that she will lend her us, and that she got right back to me said, “You can have him for two months and it’ll be X dollars.” And so I told Ed Lyons that and he says, great. He said, “I’ll immediately make this request.