He’s a friend, strong friends of the Japanese population. Because of this, Herb Bowles, he wasn’t a true animal lover, per se. He had some African gray parrots, but mostly he saw the merit of a good zoo. And he became my lifelong friend and his grand children are our neighbors right today. So- He was my strongest supporter in Hawaii and his credibility when he, in answer to your question, Mark, it was Herb Bowles, Dr. Herb Bowle’s credibility that was a very key factor in convincing both the park director, Ed Lyons, and the community through the newspaper, that when Dr. Bowles approved of me, urging, supporting me with the idea that the city acquired these gift animals, that was a beginning. It was kinda like a package deal in a way, except the animals, and by the way, we got a guy who can help you. Absolutely. And these animals are not, there was never the belief in the beginning that these animals are it.