And even if you’re not appointed?” So I of course said, “Absolutely, Mr. Lyons, you can count on me.” And so he urged the park department to accept the animals, and I’d done a few stories in the appearing supporting that. He said it was very open. Come to the park board meetings. And among those stories were, if those are interested, please call. And I got a call from the foremost obstetrician in Hawaii, a guy named Dr. Herbert Bowles. And Herb Bowles came from a long line of Quaker missionaries that had lived in Japan, and had strongly favored the lack, it goes back to people and goes back to history over and over, and over. After December 7th attack by the Japanese, there was, of course, an enormous anti-Japanese feeling throughout the whole nation, not just… And it also occurred in Hawaii and then Hawaii with an enormous proportion of the population.