So with those two strong focus, strong directed objectives, I was really persuasive with my building those encouraging others, my biology, I mean the head of the zoology department at the university. The people that I knew that remained here as Navy and here being Hawaii, is full-time Navy officers. And with my friends that I had developed as zoo supporters, with my fellow students, a few of them at the university, it is an unlikely story, but we did work from scratch, and mostly I persuaded our park director that I could do it. And he’s now best, he’s a part-Hawaiian, very fine man, came from a long time, Hawaiian family landowners, his name’s Ed Lyons. He became as director under the chief administrator under the park’s board soon after the war, soon after I did. And our mutual friend, his PR lady, Lorraine Cook, introduced us early on. And essentially, that was tied into the dairy offering these Chris Holmes’ animals, the elephant and chimpanzees, and camel, and a few deer and a few monkeys to the park department. So he had to make that decision.