So I was essentially raised by my mom and her sister. And for summers, I can recall going to St. Simon’s Island down off the Southeastern, just north of the Florida line in Southern Georgia, at a little beach house with neighbors. And there was a boy my same age that was my playmate. And the family for some reason, agreed to take me along in their car, and they drove down to their beach house. And I didn’t really feel very social with this, I didn’t particularly like this guy. And so they permitted me to wander freely, most of the days by myself in the wonderful low country of the sea islands. And I can recall wandering, wandering, and turning over logs, finding particularly copperheads and water moccasins. And the fact that there was no system, if I had accidentally stepped on one of those enormous eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, which are exceedingly abundant in that area.