And he employed this fellow, E.H. Lewis who had been a gamekeeper according to the accounts, and I’m suspicious of those accounts, that his lineage was supposed to have been a long line of British professional gamekeepers, to build, in 1928, The Catalina Bird Park. So Mr. Lewis went back and forth to gather birds on Japanese ships from LA to Tokyo, to Jakarta, to Hong Kong, to Singapore. And he’d bring these birds back through Honolulu. The ship would be two days in Honolulu. And Mr. Lewis cultivated, very wise man, very shrewd man, cultivated the power structure of the wives of the businessmen who controlled the financing of the government in Hawaii. And it was through their wives, and the fact that he gained the confidence of the wives by working very cleverly and assiduously with the reporters. And when the ship would come in with all these birds, he made numerous trips for the White Key Bird Park, for the Catalina Bird Park to come through here through Hawaii. He was interviewed, each time he was interviewed, he had one message.