He was a Brit married to a Japanese lady from Japan, and his name, he never liked to use his real first name, his name was Edwin. He liked E.H., his last name was Lewis. E.H. Lewis had developed with the money of a man named Wrigley, who manufactured, the largest chewing gum manufacturer in the nation. Wrigley owned Catalina Island off the coast of LA. Wrigley was interested in birds. When Wrigley became the more than 50% owner of Catalina in the late ’20s, just before the crash of ’29, at the beginning of the depression, he developed Catalina into a huge tourist attraction with passenger ships, hotels, and part of it was to build a bird park. And he did that by the publications that we’ve been able to get from Catalina. He used his own private funds, which must have had a lot of co-mingling with company money, but the board of directors of the Wrigley Corporation had nothing to do with his bird park, were distinct in terms of money.