And the classic results occurred, that one that knows elephants could expect, that she became more and more unmanageable by the keepers. New keepers would come, they’d be afraid of her, and she would swat them. And once the keepers are with their temporary job are swatted a couple of times, then they’d simply throw her food at her, water her with a hose and became terrified of the animal. Now, a remarkable thing happened. One of the keepers had a daughter that was 12, Dorothy was her name. And Dorothy, unlike the male keepers, Dorothy would go in With her dad when her dad would take care of the elephants, Dorothy made friends with her. And finally the father died, the keeper, one of the keepers. And the all of a sudden, the mayor and the park commissioners realized, hey, the only person that could go in with this elephant is this 12-year old kid.