Ben Hollinger had hired a teamster, a person that knew horses to take care of the elephant when she was young. He did well with her, a guy named George Conrad. He would be out of office when new mayors would come in, that political spoiled system that Chicago and other mainland cities are famous for. It occurred in Hawaii also, and it reflected right on down to the zoo itself. As a result, the care of the animal got more and more irregular, new keepers, and this was simultaneously with her getting older, becoming more mature. And say she was five in 1914, by the ’20s, she was becoming more and more unmanageable. Her pavilion, it was more of a concrete stall rather than a, it was more of a sleeping quarters area rather than a real display area. As a consequence to feed her, she was chained into this small area that was covered, and people were permitted to approach and feed her.